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Realtor Cerise Stephens, Windermere Van Vleet Broker, Medford Oregon Real Estate, Rogue Valley

The "IT" List

"I've got to get IT done"! Everyone, in the back of their mind, knows there is a list of things to do before they can list their house. What they don't have is the clarity. As your Southern Oregon Rogue Valley Realtor, that is my job. Let's make this fun and rewarding for you! 

Here is my list, its short, easy and will make your house the "IT" house to see in your market! 

Preparing for the "For Sale" sign

  1. I will come and do a walk-though with you to see if there needs to be any repairs or touchups to the interior or exterior! Many sellers go to far and spend money in unnecessary areas dipping into their sales profits. 
  2. Declutter! Yup, I said it. We want the buyers to see the house, not the clutter. This includes your closets. Store it, sell it, consign it or give it away.
  3. Clean your home.  *Most sellers do not do this. Kitchens and bathrooms are where the buyers look with a critical eye. Elbow grease will cut more than just dirt and grime, it will cut the amount of time on the market.
  4. Yard work! Curb appeal. Make your lawn and yard work look easy and not time consuming. Potential buyers want to dream of their beautiful garden, not think about what they need to clean up, rip out or replace. 
  5. Relax, get your mind on the task ahead... putting a "SOLD" sign on your house.

It is easy to start! We can do this together! Contact Me